George Lopez Needs a Nap

George Lopez has been working way too hard. His fourth eponymously titled TV show is about to debut on FX, with the hope that this time somebody non-Hispanic in America will chuckle. He's also still working the stand-up circuit, the esteemed casino tour in Canada, where last night after his show he felt the need for a brief respite on the floor of the Windsor Caesar's Casino. Many passerby's noticed that he was heavily intoxicated, including men with badges who hauled him away, but I'm assuming they just don't understand a creative genius' need for sudden naps. I bet right now George is fashioning some epic knee-slappers about Mexicans trying to sleep in Canadian casino lobbies. That'll earn him three more TV shows playing himself. Maybe his ex-wife will donate him her second kidney. Ay, mami! That lovable scamp.

Photo credit: Chad Maura/Twitter

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