George Zimmerman Wants To Fight Kanye West

By Michael February 03, 2014 @ 4:08 PM

Noted neighborhood watch commander George Zimmerman wants to fight Kanye West in the boxing ring. Besides being a painter now, Zimmerman also fancies himself a pugilist. He wants West to be his next opponent, for cash considerations, naturally. Zimmerman says that Kanye beats up on innocent people and needs a good comeuppance. He’s mostly just baiting the media into building up a story so he can make some more cash from being an acquitted murderer. A guy like Zimmerman shouldn’t be expected to handle the rigors of a real adult life. He probably thought he was going to prison forever for killing a teenager. Now he’s got lots of free time and that old fulfilling lifestyle of being a private party rent-a-cop and self-appointed street vigilante suddenly seems empty. So, why not fight Kanye for cash. It’s a no lose situation for those of us who don’t like assholes all that much. Let’s go Marquess of Queensberry rules, which I think means each guy gets to bring one lethal weapon and nobody calls the cops.

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    miklikestits 02/03/2014 16:12

    I also want to fight Kanye. Niggas be fightin’

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    658811 02/03/2014 16:44

    Acquitted means not guilty, ergo not a murderer… dingus

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    Beylerbey 02/03/2014 16:46

    I guess when the media and Hollywood and the President and the AG call you out by name on national television, it does something to your mind. Go figure.

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    deliminator 02/03/2014 18:26


    Murderer? Probably not. Manslaughterer? Grossly negligent? Damn right. The DA in FL is just too stupid to take a slam dunk and tried for something that would never stick.

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    TitsAreNice 02/04/2014 09:29

    I can only hope that this results in the death of another stupid n

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    TitsAreNice 02/04/2014 09:29

    I can only hope that this results in the death of another stupid nïgger.

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    TitsAreNice 02/04/2014 09:31

    Ha ha ha, fùcking stupid submission shít.

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    DrainBammage 02/04/2014 12:08

    How can you NOT root for Georges here?

    And where exactly does the line start for people who want to punch Kanye in the face repeatedly?

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