Georgia Pre-Hates Bieber

February 25, 2014 | Uncategorized | editor | 0 Comments

It looks like Atlanta doesn’t want Justin Bieber living in their fair burgh. The residents of Atlanta’s ritzy Buckhead neighborhood dropped their umbrella’d cocktails in horror when it was reported that the Canadian flea was looking at properties in the area. It seems that folks around them parts don’t cotten to a carpet-baggin’, sizzurp drinkin’, car racin’, wigga’ livin’ in their neighborhood. Folks haven’t been this upset in Georgia since Sherman came to visit. A group called the Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition took to Facebook saying,

“As a community here in Buckhead, we have worked hard to achieve our goals and get to where we are. Justin Bieber’s relocation to Atlanta can be nothing but bad for our children, as well as the community. Some can’t even let their children play in the driveway without fear; he has raced vehicles under the influence, before. What’s to say he won’t do it again? As a home owner down the street from this residence, one can assume many people will be contacting real estate agents soon enough.”

Bieber responded to the virtual anti-welcoming party with nothing but Jesus and a song in his heart:

“I guess I’m an easy target for some. I’m still human. I will continue to meet hate with love. It’s all about the music. Much love”

Not to side with a bunch of uppity crackers, but I can’t blame them for wanting to keep that grinning weasel out of their neighborhood. You live in a nice area like that in the South to raise your kids in a safe place free of drag racing, drugs, and most importantly, blacks and Mexicans. There is no real legal way they can keep the petite lesbian out. Even though he’s not American, this is still America. He’s free to buy a house wherever he wants but he should be advised that Southerners have a slightly different version of taking care of annoying neighbors as they do in more progressive Los Angeles. A pitchfork to the sternum usually sends a solid message. I can’t wait to see Bieber respond to that with much love.

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