Jennifer Lopez’ Crotch Loves Futbol

By Lex February 12, 2014 @ 1:11 PM

Jennifer Lopez Has A Wardrobe Malfunction On The Set Of Her Music Video In Ft Lauderdale
Just when you thought soccer couldn’t get any more popular among people still using terrestrial TV antennas, Jennifer Lopez squats out her crotch and maybe some portion of her labial sandwich to make a World Cup promotional video. As far as promoting shit, you could do worse than saying, ‘If you like J-Lo’s snatch, you’ll love…’ soccer or having your nuts lopped off by a Brazilian hooker who over huffed the bathroom cleaner. Consider me world soccer fan number five-hundred million and one. But if nobody scores in the first seventeen games, Jennifer’s going to have to get her stank meat a whole lot closer to my face to convince me to keep watching.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News,

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    Admiral 02/12/2014 13:22

    Whoa – I forgot how thick and bulbous her body is. Her ass extends halfway down her legs.

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    BonnieStevegma 02/12/2014 17:20

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    Rosa 02/13/2014 12:04

    wow! misogyny always get a way of appearing when someone posts a comment on the image of a woman!

    Vaginas are hated. Women are hated.

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