Kelly Brook’s Yams Get Paid

By Lex February 05, 2014 @ 3:22 PM

Kelly Brook In Bikinis For A Photo Shoot At The Beach In Miami
I guess Kelly Brook didn’t get the memo from Miley Cyrus about how it was sexier for girls to look like puckish boys with gum disease. She’s still going with that big tits and curves and flowing hair cliche. It’s a bold choice for Kelly Brook to break from the Miley School of Maxim Hotness. Just for starters, she probably can’t borrow swimsuits from her little brother. Dating actors trying to pass as straight is probably out of the question. And good luck trying to find disgruntled midgets to come dance with you. Those little people can be hella bitchy to women with curves. Kelly Brook, you are taking some big risks.

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    Ernst Stavro Blofeld 02/05/2014 15:38

    Don’t get me wrong: I like a juicy ass and big tits as much as the next fellow, but it’ll take a small army underpaid of Photoshoppers to clean up the jiggling masses of cottage cheese slathered all over this fatty before these pics get published.

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    Admiral 02/05/2014 16:06


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    Admiral 02/05/2014 16:07

    Pancakes and muffins with cream cheese for breakfast is a bad idea.

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    Beylerbey 02/05/2014 16:57

    LOL is that bitch thick!

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    DrainBammage 02/05/2014 18:16

    I presume none of the commenters above is a brother.

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    Admiral 02/06/2014 10:52

    It looks like she ate her brother.

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    Hugh G. Rection 02/09/2014 18:30

    Admiral, you slay me.

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