Mariah Carey’s Breasts Had A Bad Hair Day

February 4, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Mariah Carey’s Instagram account is a mixed bag, because most of the time the 43-year old singer posts pictures of her kids, and her fans think, “Aw, what a sweet, caring, loving mother she’s turned out to be.” But then the rest of the time it’s TITS TITS TITS TITS TITS and MORE TITS, because Mariah’s not an idiot and she knows that there are singers, actresses and models half her age out there, looking a hundred times better. So if Mariah wants to keep morons buying her music and perfumes, she’s going to have to keep attracting dumbasses like me, who see the above photo that she posted yesterday and think, “This fuckin’ lady‚Ķ but tits!”

Photo Credit: Mariah Carey/Instagram

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