Now Micaela Schaefer Is Naked For Love

By Travis February 06, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Now that they’re done pretending to promote Berlin’s international film festival, Micaela Schaefer’s sometimes-weirdly-shaped breasts are being used to promote Valentine’s Day, as the model stood naked in front of the Brandenburg Gate all in the name of love. Showing her deep range and commitment to her art, Micaela this time used small heart stickers to cover her nipples and vagina, while random people walked by and stared at her bare ass. Whether or not she changed the way that people feel about love is yet to be seen, but there’s a good chance that she’ll cause some German men to get erections whenever they see a red balloon this year. Although, compared to the other stuff that turns them on, this will seem like a morning at church.

Photo Credits: Patrick Hoffmann/Marcus Golejewski/Future Image/

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    DrainBammage 02/06/2014 13:12

    Im usually a boob man but those things dont look comfortable.
    You could probably get a couple of black eyes and a concussion if you tried to motorboard those metallic puppies.
    if they remade RoboCop with a femal lead, those t1ts would be the stars.

    And even with tons of surgery, she has hit that wall of diminishing returns, shes gonna look more and more plastic and trannyish as she goes on.

    Luckily this t1ts and face problem are easily solved by fscking her doggy style.

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    Raymond K. Hessel 02/06/2014 13:54

    Stupidest looking tits yet. And I like tits…

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    Shakes MacCool 02/06/2014 14:14

    That’s what guys really like…hard tits that never move.

    Nice work ladies.

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    Da Bunk 02/06/2014 16:00

    She should probably wax instead of shaving with a rusty blade

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