Oh Cara Delevingne, You’re So Quirky

February 7, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Last night, world famous model Cara Delevingne visited the home of the American Ambassador in London with Taylor Swift and that gangly redheaded fellow that Taylor used to date, but can we really be sure that it was actually Cara? Just look at this hilarious and totally awesome disguise that Cara used to get past the paparazzi on her way home. It’s amazing how one second she’s the most popular runway model in the world and the next second, she’s practically invisible. Take note, other celebrities, because if you don’t want people to take your picture, you should definitely put black leggings over your head and walk through a really nice neighborhood at night. Nobody will pay attention to you at least until the police show up to kick your teeth in.

Photo Credits: Will Alexander/WENN.com

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