Oh Look, Micaela Schaefer Is Naked Again

February 4, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Because nothing says “globally-celebrated and revered film festival” like a naked woman using only thin strips of celluloid to cover her tits and vagina, German model Micaela Schaefer decided to celebrate the beginning of Berlinale with a quick photo shoot. Was there a point to Micaela’s tribute to Berlinale other than to stand around in public with a teddy bear and her exposed ass shining in the breeze? Probably not. But that’s what makes Micaela one of the best female models in the world, because while most women don’t even want to be in Germany in the winter, she’s at least willing to risk illness for no good reason other than to show us her tits.

Photo Credits: Patrick Hoffmann/WENN.com

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