Rihanna Dresses Lightly in Paris

Rihanna Flashes Nipples In See Through Top At Balmain's After Party During Paris Fashion Week The more expensive the clothes, the less they cover. Which makes sense, because you figure people who can afford a $2,000 outfit probably have the resources for a personal trainer or twenty bucks for a Vegan sprout salad at a place with variation of the word 'Earth' in the title. I've walked the streets of South Boston recently. You don't want to see that crowd in slinky see-through ware. Burlington Coat Factory deserves a humanitarian award for developing jackets that cover all the way down to the cankles. In contrast, chicks who fly private jets to be at Paris Fashion week, they can't afford to pack on an extra winter twenty. They're forever on display. I don't know what any of this has to do with Rihanna who was high as fuck and forgot to wear a bra in Paris. But I do get paid by the word. Word. Word.

Photo Credit: Instagram [gallery ids="1732654,1732656,1732657,1732655,1732658"]

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