Rihanna Is Super Stylish

Rihanna Bares Cleavage At A Balmain Show During Paris Fashion Week A jacket that keeps you warm is a jacket and will run you about a hundred bucks. But a jacket that shows off your bare tits in Paris is a coat that'll tick you two-thousand at the register. To understand the world of fashion, just imagine being an idiot with cash. I got half of that down already. You could do worse than having Rihanna using her tits to sell your fancy coat. I've never heard anybody say they wished they could sing like Rihanna, but I've heard tons of women say they wish they had her body. I also heard a guy with an thick Austrian accent say he longed to have her thigh meat marinating in his basement freezer. Austrians are like that, super friendly. Still, I reported him to Interpol.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, [gallery ids="1732556,1732557,1732558,1732559,1732560,1732561,1732562"]

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