Sam Worthington Slapped With Restraining Order

By Michael February 26, 2014 @ 2:05 PM

Sam Worthington has been slapped with a restraining order by the paparazzo he attacked. We told you about an incident in which Sam went all Clash of the Titans on a celebrity photographer named Sheng Li. The dude apparently kicked Sam’s girlfriend Lara Bingle in the shins and then Sam popped him in the maw. Worthington and Li were arrested. Sam faces several charges of third degree assault and could go to jail for up to a year…which he actually won’t because he’s a celebrity, but let’s still pretend for the time being. Li put a restraining order on Worthington because he thinks Sam’s going to come and exact his vengeance like he did in that one movie where the blue hippie naked cat people had their tree destroyed or whatever. It’s all a bit surprising for me as I was convinced that Sam Worthington wasn’t a real person. I have always thought that maybe he’s a CGI character like Jar Jar Binks and he lives on James Cameron’s keychain flash drive. I guess he’s real or else how could he have fought Li…unless he’s a new kind of hologram…

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