Sydney Leathers Ready to Die For Love of Weiner

By Lex February 21, 2014 @ 7:45 PM

Could this Romeo and Juliet story really end any other way? Apparently Sydney Leathers bravado about not caring for that lovable dick-stroking scamp Anthony Weiner was just a cover for her deep and unwavering cyber sex romance. Apparently, somewhere in between getting new tits, working the stripper pole, making a porn, and going on talk shows about what a loser Anthony Weiner was, she was popping pills and cutting herself for the love of his virtual shlong. Before she checked into rehab earlier this month for suicidal tendencies, Sydney penned Weiner an apology note for betraying their online cyber affair and suggested he’d be better off when she was dead. Weiner didn’t respond but he did imagine Sydney Leathers slicing her wrists and beat himself off three times shooting his hot molten sperm all over his waxed rippling chest. When’s the meteor coming again?

Photo credit: GR Media

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    RoseMinaseel 02/22/2014 03:07

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    Mud Nugget 02/23/2014 13:30

    Minute 16…

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    Shastar 02/23/2014 16:30

    So I just downloaded and watched her porn video.

    You know, she’s not bad. I’ve seen much uglier porn stars, and Sydney actually has a lot more enthusiasm and looks a lot more natural shooting her scenes than Farrah Abraham did. All I’m saying is, if she made more, then I’d prolly check them out.

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    Al Bundy 02/24/2014 07:16

    Eh, she faked her way throughout that whole porn video. She never got into it. Just a bunch of typical fake porn moaning from her in that vid.

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    Sterling Archer 02/24/2014 07:37

    All girls are like this, most just hide their insanity better. She looks like a hungry hungry … hungry hippo.

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    AshleyKitchinerayd 02/24/2014 12:49

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