Venezuela Kills More of Its Good Looking Women

February 21, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I try to keep my nose out of groups of people throwing rocks at police in riot gear in foreign lands, not until they start killing the good looking women. Then it’s time to standup and say something. All the politically correct celebrities this week are speaking out on behalf of Ukrainian protestors, even though they have no fucking clue what they’re protesting over. Somebody just told them which side to take. But most everybody is ignoring Venezuela. It’s such a shit show anyhow, it’s hard to notice when it gets even shittier. It’s like foreclosures rising in Detroit. How could you possibly tell? But in Venezuela, the police went and shot Miss Tourism right between the eyes. You can’t shoot Miss Tourism in the head, it’s bad for, you know, tourism. Think of all the people who were planning spring holidays in Caracas or other cities I can’t name in Venezuela who will now have to consider switching plans to Beirut or maybe the Congo. While this attractive young Genesis Carmona thought she was doing the right thing getting involved in a student protest over civil rights, I would urge all the decent looking women of Venezuela to come stay at my place until this 300 year long wave of suckiness concludes in their home country.

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