Which Gender Do You Want to Be on Facebook?

By Lex February 14, 2014 @ 5:09 PM

Apparently, Facebook was forty-eight gender options short for new account creators who for the history of Facebook have been subjugated, nay, tormented, into choosing merely between male and female. Now, you can go with transgender woman, pre-op male, intersex, ambiguous sex, my parents put me in dresses but I like sports, minotaur furry, and any other number of anatomical self-identifications. Of course, Facebook never needed to know if you were a man or a woman in the first place. It’s a site to send pictures of your lunch salad to your friends and look up your old high school girlfriends to see if they got fat(ter). Your friends probably already know if you’re a dude or a girl. Facebook just uses the gender choice to collect more marketing data and sell you shit. Now, even their marketing algorithms are bowing to the pressures of the dick-vagina-confused lobby and letting account holders tell the entire Facebook world what kind of underpants feel most comfortable on a humid day. Also, you will now be allowed to post photos of women’s nipples on the site, provided they once belonged to a man.

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 02/14/2014 19:37

    She had great tits back in “trading places”, give credit where it is due.

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    aquanetta jones 02/15/2014 10:29

    Brilliantly stated….either XX or XY, beyond that you are just confused.

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    aquanetta jones 02/15/2014 10:30

    Amazing tits

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    govunupan 02/15/2014 12:45

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    fabots13 02/15/2014 18:23

    aahhhh… Jamie Lee…. those tits rocked my journey thru puberty so many times back in the day

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