Bruce Jenner Loves Manly Shit Like RC Helicopters

By Lex March 17, 2014 @ 3:39 PM

Bruce Jenner Picks Up His RC Miniature Helicopter From The Repair Shop

The Kardashian publicity machine came up with the line a few months back that Bruce Jenner is still very much a man totally into sports and riding his motorcycle and flying his remote controlled helicopters. They also mentioned bear wrestling, sexually assaulting peasant girls in Laos and a few other quintessential masculine past times as re-imagined by an entirely gay P.R. staff. It is true, RC models are pretty damn manly. How many times have you seen a guy piloting one of those model planes and thought to yourself, damn, that dude reeks of raw ball sac. When he’s done packing up his batteries and his remote and carefully covering his hobby craft in its velvet-lined cape and packing it neatly into the back of his Forester, he’s probably off to defile my woman. Naturally, it’s harder to keep the archetypal male persona when your new tits are coming in and you’ve got lesbian golfer hair, but if anybody can pull it off, it’s one time Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. I bet he still occasionally climbs in Kris Jenner’s window and fucks her hard just to uncork his massive overflow of ungodly masculine sperm and/or to borrow one of her chambray tops.

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    deathofirony 03/17/2014 15:43

    I don’t normally think of ‘raw ball sac’ when I see dudes. Whatever floats your boat, ‘Lex’

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    Hugh G. Rection 03/17/2014 16:18

    The female hormones are kicking in. Looks like he’s up to about a B-cup.

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    Beylerbey 03/17/2014 19:18

    Plummet from grace.

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 03/18/2014 01:38

    I didnt believe this story, but after the second picture i give up. I guess he wants to live his remaining years a a sort of woman.

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    Mud Nugget 03/18/2014 11:55

    Good luck in your quest for the GILF look there brucie baby

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