Courtney Stodden Has a Master Plan

March 12, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

If you look at Courtney Stodden and you see a dumb cluck Barbie trying to tramp her way into a job, then you are probably giving her way too much credit. She’s just an autonomic brain stem with big tits. We’ve had the technology to build a robot version of Courtney Stodden since about 1832. The only issue is price. Courtney has a new older manager-boyfriend after leaving her older manager-husband. The new manager has stepped up Courtney’s career by setting up paid train rides in various public restrooms and getting her into a segment on the E! gay canned screamer, Hello Ross. It’s a big showcase for Courtney, who appears in Etiquette School with Justin Bieber’s weed connect, Lil Twist. It’s funny you see because neither of those two are very classy people, and because both are easily erasable smudges on the Hollywood fame whore landscape, they didn’t cost E! anything. After watching Etiquette school, I was left with the impression that we were too hasty in eradicating the more deadly communicable diseases God gave us to cull the herd.


Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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