Danielle Knudson Canadian Models Bikinis

By Lex March 24, 2014 @ 3:18 PM

Danielle Knudson Models Bikinis For 2014 Bare Necessities Swimwear
Sometimes I feel bad about all the shit we lay on Canada. They’re like the methodically abused house pet of the redheaded step child. It’s hard for Canada to find an identity living there in America’s attic poaching the cable and walking around quietly in their snow boots. This chick Danielle Knudson ought to make Canadians proud. She’s blonde and tall and kind of slow in the gray matter just like models from the rest of the world. She’s on insipid morning talk shows with bobble headed hosts just like here. Though it does look pretty fucking cold outside in Toronto. She’s the new model for Guess jeans, which means she started modeling young and got felt up by all the right pederasts. Having a mom to guide you through which agents and photographers and magazine people to let touch you before you get real breasts is an important part of coming up in the modeling world. So, kudos to you, Mrs. Knudson, and to Canada.

Photo Credit: Bare Necessities

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    miche the killer 03/24/2014 15:51

    I love how these girls are always “tomboys” to make them more down to earth unicorns. Esp. if they “liked sports” because that’s not for girls. And how she lists figure skating as one of those- real butch.

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    Al Bundy 03/24/2014 16:02

    Any girl I’ve ever known that was labeled a tomboy ended up being a big whore.

    That’s the real reason why they were wanting to do all that stuff with boys in the first place.

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