Elizabeth Dickson Ruined All The Fun (VIDEO)

March 20, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There’s nothing worse than when somebody takes a stunt too far. Like when you agree to lay on the golf course and have a tee and ball placed in your bare ass cheeks for cash, like many women do when medical school is simply not an option. But then some morning DJ tool goes and actually takes a whack at you with a 3-Wood. You can’t possibly see that coming. But hot random girl model Elizabeth Dickson certainly felt it. I guess DJ Kevin Klein was trying to lay in some height on his drive because he put a solid black and blue golf club beating on her ass check. You’ve got to sue for that shit. Elizabeth says not only did her ass bruise up like hell (and it did), but she can’t feel her leg during Midwestern thunderstorms. She also suffered intense and lingering emotional agony. $500,000 worth. She’s looking to be made whole again by Playboy who sponsored the event and the DJ who took a divot out of her dumper. It’s always hard to know who’s really to blame in these super dumb girls being treated like cheap sex objects past times. But I’m going to go ahead and blame myself, because I’ve watched the video thirty times and I’m still laughing at the idiocy. So sue me.

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