Elizabeth Raine Auctions Off Her Cherry

March 21, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Far be it from me to criticize modern feminism. But much of it seems to eerily reminiscent of old fashioned whoring. You can slap the female empowerment tag on it, but it still seems pretty vagina transactional. Like the Duke student who employs cutting and paid sex on camera to feel like a righteous bra burner. Or this chick Elizabeth Raine, who is auctioning off her virginity online to help pay her medical school bills. Naturally, Elizabeth Raine is not her real name, it’s just a stage name that a girl who’s a virgin and in medical school thought sounded sexy. As with her true identity, Elizabeth is also hiding her face from potential buyers, because, you know, when has a girl who hides her face online ever not turned out to be super hot?

The concept does not offend me, it is a unique opportunity for excitement and growth, and I need not mention the nice financial bonus. So you see, how could I deny myself this experience only because of the diverging beliefs of others? If I did, I would just feel like a coward, and this I am not. — Lizzy Raines

The only part of that worth reading is financial bonus. Though it must be noted Elizabeth is sharing 35 percent of her rake with charities that help educate girls in crappy backwards countries where girls are forced to give away their virginity without cash renumeration. Imagine that horror.

Photo Credit: www.elizabeth-raine.com

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