Farrah Abraham Is Blowin’ (VIDEO)

March 19, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Farrah Abraham has just released an autotuned monstrosity called Blowin. Yes, it’s really called Blowin but she means “Blowin all the bullies away” and not in a “I’m blowin’ James Deen until I can no longer taste my own ass” kind of way. The song has her screeching about getting hated on by everyone and how grateful she is for all her fans. She hangs out with friends at a club, takes stupid duck lipped selfies, and “sings” from inside her Twitter icon. The song is heavily autotuned and yet her voice is still gratingly horrible. It’s what I call the Kesha effect where no amount of post-production can fix a voice forged in Satan’s intonations. The video looks like it was shot on a cellphone and was edited using iMovie 2006. It doesn’t have the production value of her other filmwork, such as Backdoor Teen Mom, and, yeah, that’s the full list. But the kids these days do love the homemade looking productions these days. Maybe she’ll catch fire. I mean, literally. I’d watch that.

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