Heidi Klum Is The World’s Best Soccer Mom

By Travis March 10, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Ageless supermodel Heidi Klum proved once again that she’s just as normal and down to Earth as the rest of us, as she took her kids to soccer practice and shot the shit with the other wealthy parents while their kids all got the same trophy for participation, because screw rewarding the better players when there are feelings on the line. Heidi kept the juice boxes and apple slices handy for her kids on the sideline, and I’m pretty sure that she wore a white shirt with a black bra so that when the game was over, the players would dump the Gatorade cooler on her. If that’s not what happened, then those little brats really need to get their shit together and start thinking like a team.

Photo Credits: WENN.com

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    DrainBammage 03/11/2014 10:22

    How fscking lazy do you have to be to dig out some 30yr old meme about soccer that some brain dead NFL fans came up with then?

    You are talking about Hedi effing Klum and thats your ‘humour’ bit for the post?

    Go back to your desk and dont come back up until youve written at least a D+ post.
    Quality counts, you know.

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