I’m A Twerk Major

March 27, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

A private college in upstate New York is offering a class on Miley Cyrus. Skidmore College, one of the priciest schools in the country, is adding a class on the the leg spreading tone deaf singer this summer. The course will examine society, race, gender, and a bunch of other shit through the lens of Miley Cyrus. The class promises to examine the “ongoing media frenzy focused on Miley Cyrus’ public image, music, and body.” I imagine a class of unshaven lesbian feminists in their summer cargo shorts and Berkenstocks sitting on the quad and discussing the civil rights message in the song Wrecking Ball. Or perhaps they’ll take a break from quoting Indigo Girls songs to discuss Miley’s magical ability to turn into Hannah Montana. I looked it up, at the discounted summer rate, a three credit class still costs $2130. I mean, I studied theater and film in college but those seem like laboratory sciences compared to Miley Cyrus studies. If you’re paying two grand for your kids to attend Twerking 101, maybe you ought consider if you’re over indulging your precious offspring.

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