Jennette McCurdy Might Get Canceled

By Lex March 11, 2014 @ 4:01 PM

Completely unfounded and unsubstantiated reports seem to indicate that the decent and upstanding executives at Viacom might cancel the Sam & Cat show on Nickelodeon because its co-star Jennette McCurdy had photos of her titties in lingerie leaking across the Internet. Apparently, this pushed the standards beyond what is acceptable for the television distributors of Teen Mom and Buckwild. Of course, they’re not really going to cancel shit if it’s making money. They’d livestream honor killings of raped preteens in Pakistan if they could find a lucrative sponsor. That’s show business. It also demands that something futile be done by somebody in trumped up reaction to the lingerie photos and the very lonely mildly retarded people who complain how they somehow hurt the children. What if these kids grow up to wear lingerie themselves? Fuck, that would be horrible. While Jennette McCurdy remains completely ashamed at looking super hot, she can probably count on playing a goofy brand-safe teenager on television until she’s 40.

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    Admiral 03/11/2014 23:41

    That’s just a great picture. I bet that was the best one out of 50, too. Ah, who are we kidding – the best way to get famous is to “leak” your pictures all over the internet. She’s going to get 10x more work now, watch.

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    Hugh G. Rection 03/12/2014 00:35

    Admiral, lets give credit where credit is due. A cursory search of the interwebs shows that this is, by far, the best picture ever taken of this girl, and she took it herself. Now it seems like she recently lost her baby fat, while simultaneously adding a cup size, so give her additional credit for seizing the moment when the time was right. This girl either has great instincts, or great representation. Either way– kudos.

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    jblank1074 03/12/2014 12:26

    Good riddance! This coal burning jock hugger can disappear into obscurity for all I care.

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    Beylerbey 03/12/2014 20:21

    I’m with Hugh. This picture is so good, and so unlike virtually every other picture ever taken of this girl, that it approaches fraud. The Trayvons can have her.

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