Jennifer Lopez Still Looks So In Love

March 6, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Because she writes it on Instagram for her millions of idiot fans, Jennifer Lopez really wants you to believe that she’s still just “Jenny from the block” and not a spoiled, arrogant diva clinging to the last few minutes of fame in her already tired career. After all, she’s still the same girl dating the same guy who is half her age, while wearing shoes that a European prostitute would put on if she needed to reach a really high cabinet. If you doubt that the love between Jennifer and Casper Smart is true and strong, then they sure showed all of us yesterday, as they held hands while leaving the Power 106 studios in Los Angeles. Minutes later, she’d tell him to fuck off and stay behind her with the rest of the lesser life forms, but for a few whole seconds, theirs was the most beautiful love in the world.

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