Jennifer Lopez To Receive Big Gay Award

By Lex March 28, 2014 @ 4:21 PM

Jennifer Lopez In A See Through Top In The March Issue Of Glamour
Jennifer Lopez has been tapped to receive The Vanguard Award from GLAAD in a couple weeks. That’s the biggee. The pinnacle of gay and transgendered and effeminate British men with lisps advocacy achievement. Not only has Jenny spent the past year ordering her publicists to release generic general statements on behalf of gay marriage, she’s been producing the show The Fosters, on ABC Family. In case you haven’t caught it yet, The Fosters is about an interracial lesbian couple just trying to raise some bio kids, some adopted kids, and some foster kids who all accidentally interrupt their parents a lot when the they think everyone’s asleep and it’s safe to start finger banging each other. It’s like the Brady Bunch, but with gay parents. Wait, it’s just like the Brady Bunch. ABC Family sure has come a long way from when they were Pat Robertson’s Family Channel. I don’t recall so many ebony and ivory make-out sessions on the 700 Club, though I did only watch casually for their unbiased news commentary. This is going to be a nice feather in Jenny’s cap considering she now joins past GLAAD Vanguard award winners such as Drew Barrymore, Janet Jackson, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor and other women that are either dead or you’d wish them dead after about 20 minutes in a car ride together.

Photo Credit: Glamour

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