Johnny Weir’s Big Gay Divorce Gets GaNasty

March 21, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Johnny Weir’s big gay divorce from husband Victor Voronov is getting real after a shocking reveal that Voronov defaced Weir’s Birkin bags. Apparently the disgruntled top took out his rage on the sparkly pixie bottom by writing “Fuck You” on his expensive designer handbags. That’s just uncalled for. You can punch a guy in the maw, kick him in the balls even, but you do not deface a man’s purse. Writing on a Birkin with a Sharpie is the worse kind of abuse. Weir sent Voronov an angry email saying,

“If you decide to wreck things, please wreck cheaper things than Birkins. The fuck you on the Birkin is kinda cool, though, you artist.  I know you don’t care about Hill I’ll survive if you divorce me, but please leave my Birkin bags, Celine bags and Chanel bags alone.”

When you read a note like that from your husband, you can be pretty clear the marriage is coming to an end. He might as well say he’s going to kiss a girl, at a ball game, while wearing a flannel shirt and jeans. There are certain lines you just don’t cross. It’d be easy to feel sorry for these two former sweethearts and the death of romance, but I mostly feel like I’m the one who got shafted with all the Weir-Voronov signature line wedding memorabilia I purchased on QVC.

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