Justin Bieber Pays His Dad A $50,000 Allowance

By Travis March 04, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Justin Bieber celebrated his 20th birthday with friends and family in the Bahamas, and that included his dad, Jeremy Bieber, who has always seemed like the kind of guy who would much rather be Justin’s best friend than the guy who raises him. Now, Jeremy’s former best friend, Cory Bernier, has opened up to the Daily Mail on what kind of a douchebag Jeremy really is, accusing the 39-year old of being a manipulative and enabling dick who is responsible for most of Justin’s worst behavior. But seeing as we already basically thought that was the case, the actual surprise revelation is that Justin pays his “party animal” dad as much as $50,000 a month to take care of his mansion in Canada, but dad just uses the cash to have fun with his friends because “he’s living the dream at his son’s expense.” Not to defend the guy, but isn’t that what kids are for? Making up for our own pathetic lives so we can ride their coattails and drag them to the bottom once the money stops rolling in? Good for Jeremy.

Photo Credit: Yael Bergman/WENN.com

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    Roadshitter6.5 03/04/2014 10:19

    Is that a rape whistle around Bieber’s neck?

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    Don Kieballs 03/04/2014 13:28

    Douche of the year. Something tells me dad and son are weiner cousins. I want to watch a Rikki Lake episode where some broad claims she was impregnated by a Bieber, but not sure which one.

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