Kaley Cuoco Inks Betwixts Her Scapula For Love

March 26, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

You may recall that Kaley Cuoco’s wedding to the 667th ranked tennis player in the world was so romantic, that people openly wept at their New Year’s Eve ceremony. To commemorate the true majesty of endless love, the groom, Ryan Sweeting, got himself a large forearm tattoo with the date of the wedding in Roman numerals. Smart fella. Kaley felt obliged to keep her end of the newlyweds bargain, showing off the new matching set of Roman numerals on her own backside. Naturally, the bread winner can’t be inking up her typically visible parts, but it’s a real commitment nonetheless. I suppose when you’re in such profound and spectacular love, the likes of which Kaley and Ryan lament with rose smelling tears that none others shall ever truly know, you miss little things like damning the crap out of your marriage. Somebody needs to run a Scared Straight program for the young and bubbly set, taking them to see the line of angry exes outside the offices of Dr. Tattoff patiently waiting to have the name of their last coital bliss painfully laser removed from their body parts. This big ass Roman numeral tattoo is a bold public statement that you’re not going to be like the other 93% of celebrity marriages that end in miserable darkness. It’s also a big fuck you to Shiva right in the Karmic kisser. They’re doomed. I wish I had a heart so I could feel this when it goes down.

Photo credit: Splash News

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