Kanye West Sent To Anger Management Classes

March 18, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Legally registered asshole Kanye West plead no contest to battery charges and was sentenced to two year probation and anger management classes. The charges stem from an incident in July when West lost it on a photographer named Daniel Ramos and beat the shit out of him outside LAX. It was all caught on video and Ramos had several witnesses stating that while Ramos is an opportunistic douchebag, you still can’t start WWE’ing him like he’s your Weeble bitch. It’s unclear what these anger management classes will entail or whether Kanye will be the first person for whom they ever work in the history of anger management classes. Kanye also has to do the celebrity obligatory 250 hours of community service. I’m going to guess right now he makes a spiritually uplifting documentary about himself doing community service set to clips from the Yeezus album. West plead out earlier this year on another battery case in which he kicked some troubled teen’s ass for calling Kim a n***er lover in a medical building. I suppose in some small way you have to respect Kanye for at least using his fists to expend his pathological rage. Lots of rappers hide beyond their bodyguards or start getting all Tony Montana with their guns. Kanye is an old school asshole. I just wish somebody would punch him back.

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