Kelly Brook Is Good At Perfume Sales

Kelly Brook Shows Off Her Cleavage In An Ad For Her Perfume 'Audition' There's a place in Utah I think, maybe it moved since last I checked. It makes all the celebrity perfumes. They send the celebrity team a list of a few artificial smell ingredients they can check off to personalize their mass produced eau de toilette. Lilac, rose, vanilla, and some other shit that make the ladies feel like Cleopatra with Marc Antony begging to give up his empire for but a suck of their regal nipples. The factory churns up the industrial cocktail and packages it off in some cool looking bottle stamped with a single word picked from Roget's synonyms for mysterious or alluring. Then loads of unfulfilled women buy that shit and wonder why Marc Antony never shows up at their door and their nipples go unloved. It's a vicious circle. And, yet, Kelly Brook tits. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

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