Kim Kardashian Receives 10 Burger Kings As Wedding Tribute

March 25, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

When you hear that heavyset Kim Kardashian is being tributed, you might typically think of groups of sweaty fat men masturbating furiously onto her new Vogue cover photo. But, no, this one involves food. According to MSN, Kanye has decided to purchase his zoftig bride to be her own Burger King franchises in Europe as a tribute to their upcoming wedding. He’s already given her an illegitimate child, an Italian sports car, and lots of excessively large jewelry. Burger Kings only made sense as the next step. Though with only two months left to go until the wedding, it’s an added obstacle for a Hobbit shaped woman set to starve and speed ball herself down 30 lbs. of liquified body fat.

According to the ever reliable anonymous source, Kanye is buying Kim the Burger Kings because this is where he sees her future when her reality TV days are over. A remarkably prescient thought on the part of the merchandising rapper. If you can picture Kim working anywhere when TV fame finally eludes her, it’s behind the counter at a Burger King. That’s assuming she’s deemed too old or virally unsanitary for large marsupial gang bang porn. Though if she owns the B.K’s, she can probably arrange her schedule to fit in both.

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