Miley Cyrus’ Tongue Gets Sued

By Michael March 14, 2014 @ 1:09 PM

Katy Perry isn’t the only one that thinks that Miley’s tongue is an occupational safety hazard.A worker on an LA construction crew is suing Miley Cyrus because he got hurt by her giant tongue. No, not the disgusting pink slug that she waggles out of her giant-grilled maw like an asphyxiating Jabba the Hutt. She has a giant tongue that she slides down during her burlesque show for children. The worker, Charles Nicholas Sarris, was seriously injured when the rig for setting up the tongue collapsed. He’s lucky he didn’t get gonorrhea from it. You can get that in your throat, you know. Sarris didn’t work directly on the tour but for an LA effects company. Miley’s people will likely pay the guy off and maybe get one of the disgruntled midgets to give him a handy in the back of a Burger King and call it even. Money doesn’t fix everything, but it does ease the pain of giant Miley gonorrhea tongue.

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