Old Fat Women in Crimea Voted to Do Something

By Lex March 17, 2014 @ 1:52 PM

Votes Cast by Older Women in Simferopol And Other Parts of Crimean Peninsula
May I politely ask, is my ballot filled out correctly so that I won’t be shot in the jowls by Russian soldiers? Who the hell gets a 97% vote in a legit ballot? You can’t get 97% when you poll drunk conventioners in Vegas as to their desire for free hummers by women thrice as good looking as their wives. I guess beautiful Crimea, a land where you can travel in any direction for just a few hours and be somewhere extra super unfiltered cigarette shitty, is going back to Russia. I don’t know how this affects the Risk board. I’m sure Obama is penning a strongly worded note with a frown emoticon to dispatch by raven to Moscow. I say, good riddance. Fucking Crimea, who needed you anyway. As in all elections around the world, this one was decided by fat older women who came for the coffee cake. The old men would’ve come, but they all died by 55 just to get the fuck out of Crimea faster.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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    dianeapotter 03/17/2014 14:03

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    dianeapotter 03/17/2014 14:03

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    DrainBammage 03/17/2014 14:33

    At least the old broads voted which is the whole point of democracy.

    In Urakine though we TWICE (and I mean the US not me and you) helped overthrow the guy who won TWICE won elections because we dont like him.

    Its amazing how after that we can have our media say with a straight face the words DEMOCRACY and the WILLOF THE PEOPLE.

    Did the yahoos who hate Obama take guns to overthrow him the two times he won?
    No. Because the loser gets to shut his mouth for 4yrs.
    Somethign which the ukies dont seem to get.
    You lost the election so shut your mouth until the next one.

    Same thing for the muslims in Egypt, the won elections and yet we still support the army coup and call it “a great day for democracy”.

    And then to top it off, we get to hear that Ukraine is indvisible even though other countries arent afforded the same title.

    The layers of BS and the lies are waist deep and your just the sh1t topping that fits in perfectly. Not everyone is a brain dead moron who cant see behind the party line that all main media follow.

    This isnt the first regime change in history that has gone badly. This one will result in Ukraine beng split up in two after a brutal civil war. After two coups in a row against your party, would you be willing to live in a country like that or would you say FU, were gone?
    Crimea was always going to be the first one to go simply because it was a russian province until commie in chief Krutschev, a ukrainian, moves Crimea from Russia to Ukraine. Oh… and a good chunk of the russian fleet is based there.

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    DicksEverywhere 03/17/2014 16:05

    Oh how I love the American ignorance and hypocrisy displayed here.

    The same shallow and narrow-minded horseshìt that NìggerFäggot wrote above was posted here long ago by those who opposed Bush when he was in power. Surprise: that’s what you get when you only have two fućking lamėass people to vote for in a country of over 300 million.

    Then you get the Boy fùcking Wonder in Lex, who obviously has no clue what’s actually going on in the world and gets his global updates from Egotastic and/or the Onion, who then posts clueless and xenophobic rants about other countries and their political procedures without a fuĉking iota of realization that what happens in the US makes the Crimean voting process look ideal.

    No wonder you make the rest of the planet laugh. Even Rob fuƈking Ford would improve your shıthole joke of a country. You haven’t seen true democracy in over 100 years. Open your eyes.

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