People Still Miffed Over Jenny McCarthy Killing Millions of Kids

March 19, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Some people just can’t let shit go. So Jenny McCarthy turned the killer kids disease clock back a couple hundred years with her campaign over the last several years to scare the shit out of people from vaccinating their brood. Based on her extensive ‘some college’, she feels the vaccines themselves are poisonous to the kids. She found a couple doctors to stand with her and her impressive silicone rack against the entire rest of the scientific community who told her she was going to do no more than make a bunch of deadly contagious microbes spring back to life. But, you don’t get to be a a titty model and star of several low budget comedies and fuck Jim Carrey without knowing a thing or two about epidemiology.

Now that measles are back in New York City and whooping cough and TB are plowing their way through L.A., I guess people are feeling kind of pitchfork and torch mobbish about Jenny McCarthy’s preaching. Jenny went on Twitter recently to innocently poll the brain-dead women who watch The View as to what kind of traits they look for in a mate. Because, you know, women will reflexively talk about men and relationships. What Jenny received back was a whole lot of Internet jabs about her uneducated views on vaccinations.

[What kind of traits do I look for in a man?]  Someone who think vaccines are safe!

Okay, not the most pointed barb. But these are women who watch The View, so put it in context of sentient human beings who found Joy Behar amusing and worry about whether their choice of detergent is making their ass itch. If Jenny McCarthy responds to the numerous critical attacks on Twitter in the manner of the self-righteous and stupid, as I assume she will, she’ll most assuredly double down on her inane ramblings. I don’t blame Jenny really. I blame the first person who told her she had talent. That individual needs a slug of Rubella up his ass.