Rob Kardashian Doing Well At Fat Camp

By Lex March 31, 2014 @ 4:59 PM

You may know Rob as the Kardashian who loves to eat McNuggets and knit fashionable socks and embarrass his sisters by not looking OMG fabulous in a bikini. Depending on which reports you believe, evil whorecat mom Kris Jenner is either supportive of her son Rob and has flown him off on a secret jet to a fat camp workout center, or she’s berating him constantly for being a ruinous loser glutton who is costing the family serious cash and won’t be invited to the big wedding.

Rob is fatter than ever, and Kris finally flat out told him that he’s an embarrassment to the family. She called him a fat slob and said he’s losing out on business opportunities because no one wants someone as huge as him representing their products

So says the anonymous Star source who might just be Kris Jenner herself. She’s so fucked in the manicured head she probably can’t keep track of her various media attention schemes. The source went on to say that Fat Rob’s sisters get in on the sadistic fat shaming as well:

They’re embarrassed to be photographed with him and bully him for being fat. They also tease him for by leaving cakes and cookies around to tempt him.

Well that surely does sound mean and evil and therefore like it’s probably true. You may recall that Fat Rob got so sensitive about his weight that he recently deleted all of his Instagram pictures and last year a female photographer claims he punched her and stole her camera memory card for taking a picture of him topless. Actually, you probably do deserve to be punched in the face for capturing Rob Kardashian topless. Though a Kim Kardashian topless could net you $100,000. She was probably just confused.

Rob is now sending out updates from fat camp with pictures of his gym letting everybody know how everything is awesome once more.. I generally don’t feel bad for fat people, but fat people who got raised in the Kardashian family, that’s pretty war torn kid found in a Killing Fields hovel full of snakes and grenades type shit. I’ll grant you a little comfort snacking to make the sounds of shrieking shrew female voices and the sight of Bruce Jenner trying on your mom’s panties go away. I’d quit those bogus workouts and just stay fat if I were you, Rob. It might just be your ticket off Devil’s Island.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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    Pener 03/31/2014 17:18

    No amount of Cotton Balls and Rubbing Alcohol will ever be able to wipe all the greace from these two.

  2. avatar
    Pener 03/31/2014 17:20

    I feel so dirty for posting on a Kuntdashian post….I need a shower now.

  3. avatar
    Beylerbey 03/31/2014 18:03

    Did you seriously just write a post about one of the male Kardashians? WTF?

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    zuzivumuf 04/01/2014 08:20

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