Victoria Silvstedt Checks Her Thong for Change

Victoria Silvstedt In A Pink Bikini At Miami Beach It's day five of her commercial feeding frenzy in Miami and you wouldn't believe the kind of gunk that's built up in Victoria's Silvstedt's vagina. It's similar to the miscellaneous refuse of a '80 LeSabre ashtray. Lots of Wrigley's wrappers and lint and loose buffalo nickels. But you can't just run that pouch through the car wash. You need some kind of industrial solvents and a centrifuge to separate the coins from the secretions that are specifically designed to adhere currency. Not surprising, they got a lab for that in Miami.

Photo Credit: Splash, Pacific Coast News [gallery ids="1733893,1733899,1733894,1733898,1733895,1733897,1733896,1733900,1733901"]

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