Ashley Tisdale Goes Braless

Ashley Tisdale Goes Braless For A Photo Shoot In Los Angeles Nobody is wearing bras anymore in this town. It used to be for some feminist rebellion, now I just think it's because women figured there's no point in ripping up their pecs at the gym five days a week if they're going to strap on the underwire and fake the shape. I wouldn't pay $250 an hour to see Tracy Anderson if she couldn't get my man boobs in commando shape for the summer. Good for you, Ashley Tisdale. You don't need a bra, you need another Disney movie pretending to be a high school cheerleader. You got maybe four more years before you start playing the teacher and then they're going to make you wear a bra.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI [gallery ids="1739818,1739819,1739820,1739821,1739822,1739823,1739824"]

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