Chris Brown Screws White Woman From Inside Prison! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

By Lex April 09, 2014 @ 5:17 PM

Stasiya Maria Poses Topless And Covered
From deep inside his prison walls, Chris Brown faked out a bunch of girls to come into a casting call for his new modeling agency, Legendary Faces. And, yes, Chris Brown owns a. modeling agency. I think he started it during rehab as a positive outlet for his repressed rage against his mother. Within the confines of the modeling agency, he can beat and degrade women and it all falls within modeling agency norms. Russian model Stasiya Maria is threatening to sue Brown and Legendary Faces because they had an open casting call, then used video from the casting call to promote the agency without showing her the rubles. Chris is currently in the hoosegow in DC awaiting trial on beating up a photo bomber so he was unavailable to make an ebonical denial. The model who looks an awful lot like Princess Sarah Ferguson is standing up for the rights of girls in Hollywood, which means she’s going to lose. And probably be disappeared into a soccer stadium in South America.

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