Don’t Be Left Off the Denounce Racism Train

By Lex April 28, 2014 @ 6:30 PM

America has two open sores. The lingering haunt of racism and the cynical competition to disavow racism as rapidly, universally, and mindlessly as possible. Racism is a cliche in itself, the remnants of bygone eras of thoughtless tribalism that encouraged the masses to spend their time hating false enemies in the place of the real power holders. Calling people racist is the new cliche. I get it in letters all the time here, even though I once got to second base with a black girl so I hardly think that’s possible. Donald Sterling actually is a racist. He isn’t just the Archie Bunker lunkhead uncomfortable with all change and progress, he’s overtly discriminated in deed against minorities in his business dealings. He has a solid and long term record of being a total shithead, and a racist, but nobody seemed to care until his hooker (no offense to hookers) walked him into hanging himself on tape. Now everybody and their mother is denouncing Sterling. The Clippers players wore their jerseys backwards at midcourt before the last playoff game as a sign of protest. Right before they turned them back around so they could all cash their million dollar paychecks from Sterling. The NBA is ‘investigating’. What they are investigating exactly is unclear. After 33 years of doing jackshit about Donald Sterling being a blight on the NBA, they’ve promised a speedy inquiry as to him telling his paid skank that she can fuck black dudes, just don’t bring them to his basketball games. Magic Johnson was one of those black dudes in question. He’s outraged. He even Tweeted. Michael Jordan is outraged. LeBron James is super duper outraged. Obama took a copy of the angry letter he wrote to Putin about the Ukraine and replaced the word Putin with Sterling and Ukraine with ‘black people’ and fired it off to the Clippers owner. Sadly, just like Putin, Sterling took Obama’s letter and laughed out loud while he fucked his hooker on top of it. Sports commentators have all lamented. Even Sterling’s son-in-law who works for The Clippers has fired off his own ‘look at me, I’m not racist like you are’ proclamation. I guess it’s brave to ignore an important dude who pays your salary being a major league asshole until it becomes a big media story and you have to suddenly be outtaged. The definition of bravery is pretty whimsical. It used to be the first man rushing into the breach. Now it’s disassociation as fast as your little chicken legs can carry you. I’m not saying Donald Sterling is not a racist asshole. I’m saying if you’ve waited until he was 81 to make first mention of it, you need to do a little Michael Jackson man in the mirror self-reflection time. Not that that stopped Michael from clown bagging little boys, but you get the idea.

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    Beylerbey 04/28/2014 19:04

    You really think anyone is going to read all that?

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 04/28/2014 20:10

    What’s really funny is that Buzzfeed is paying a guy to steal stories from better sites and write “witty” banter even though the guy has no formal writing training (or apparently any skills). There’s nothing wrong with his opinion, but how could anyone who has written more than three articles for publication not know how to break up sentences into cohesive paragraphs?

    Just stunning…..

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    Admiral 04/28/2014 21:21

    It just seems like the world if far too proud of itself for recognizing what racism is. “Ooooh, ooh, shit – I think we just witnessed racism! Yeah, I think that was racist – it was just like we learned in the history books!”

    Now everyone is patting themselves on the back, holding candlelight vigils and various other weird ceremonies to commemorate their shared racism-identifying accomplishment.

    It’s all just blown way out of proportion. I’m not defending that creepy old white dude, but holy shit, people are flipping out like he just gunned down an elementary school.

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    Hugh G. Rection 04/29/2014 00:58

    Anybody actually listen to the tapes? The part I listened to made the guy sound addled, depressed, and pathetic.

    If I had to guess what was really going on it would be as follows:

    1. Billionaire’s mulatto/Latino concubine really enjoys sucking black cock. Especially black Laker cock.
    2. Billionaire getting lots of shit from his Billionaire friends that he can’t keep his whore from fucking other basketball players. Especially former ones from his crosstown rivals.
    3. Since most basketball players are black, he asks her to please refrain from posting pics of herself with the black guys whose dicks she happens to be sucking.
    4. Since he’s 80 years old and generally confused, it comes out sounding more racist than it probably is.
    5. Concubine realizes she has a gold mine on her hands and blackmails the Billionaire.
    6. Billionaire too old and confused to realize how bad the tape sounds, and tells her to go piss up a rope.
    7. Concubine follows through on her threat.
    8. Mayhem ensues.

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    Hugh G. Rection 04/29/2014 01:30

    Anybody else listen to the tape? I heard some of it, Sterling came across addled and pathetic, not racist. Apparently his concubine cheats on him relentlessly with black guys, and he’s probably getting a giant rash of shit from his billionaire buddies that he can’t control his whore. It’s gotta suck even more when your girl is being seen with the former superstar (and well known pussy hound) of your teams crosstown rival. Since most basketball players are black, and she likes to cheat with black guys, it isn’t an unreasonable request on his part to not post pics of herself with blacks. Of course what makes it worse is she obviously tried to blackmail him with the tape, and he’s too old and confused to realize how bad the tape makes him sound, so he probably told her to piss up a rope…and here we are.

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    EatMyAss 04/29/2014 10:02

    Facts aren’t racist; nigras are fvcking stupid.

  7. Rick Singer 04/29/2014 11:52

    Thoughtful and well said

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    miche the killer 04/30/2014 03:45

    I;m w/ the Hugh on this one. This is mass hysteria madness- I feel like there’s a nationwide gas leak that hasn’t been identified yet.

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