Everybody’s Being Murdered In Brittany Murphy’s Final Movie (VIDEO)

April 1, 2014 | video | editor | 0 Comments

Before she passed away in 2009 from a variety of illnesses, poisoned drugs, or a government conspiracy that made her the No. 1 threat to post-9/11 freedom, depending on which theory you choose to believe, Brittany Murphy had one last movie in the can. Something Wicked is a psychological thriller that is finally being released, and the reason for its 5-year delay is either out of deep, immense respect for the late actress, in regard to the fact that it’s all about people being murdered, or because it looks like it was filmed by some college students after they spent 48 hours watching really shitty horror movies from the 90s. Either way, this at least guarantees that people will keep making up wild theories about Brittany’s death, and that’s really the most important thing her family and friends could ever do for her legacy.

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