Felicia Smith Is an Educator First

By Lex April 28, 2014 @ 5:39 PM

I don’t care how you couch it, when a grown female teacher is sexually gratifying a teenage male student, that’s rape. Totally awesome bitching kickass how do I get me some rape. Felicia Smith kept her clothes on when grinding one of her middle school students. He was fifteen. It’s Houston. She turned on the music and had him sit in the seat of honor and got her head between his legs to simulate a little fellatio before feeling his teen pride rubbing against her bottom. It was his birthday and since the school district outlawed the spanking machine years ago, this was her backup plan. According to the news report complete with shocked parents, Felicia also took up romantically with a former student of hers not so long ago, that one could imagine maybe began when he was still her current student. Some ladies just like the young boys. As it turns out, the young boys like the ladies. Instead of arresting Felicia and replacing her with a crone with a mole on her neck who hates boys like the rest of the modern day public school system, how about we give Felicia a private lounge at the school to make a little scratch on the side. You want to give the kids self-esteem, this and New Math is how you do it.

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    shashan 04/28/2014 18:18

    I had a teacher in Junior High who I hung out with in his office and one day he decided to pop my bra like Costner popped Sarandon’s in Bull Durham. Anyway, I cannot believe how far advanced these educators have become! I’m pretty against it, but I’ll throw in a Nice Try anyway.

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    Beylerbey 04/28/2014 19:05

    Every female teacher under the age of 60 is now a kid-fvcker until proven otherwise. It’s official.

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