George Clooney Didn’t Hold Back On The Ring

April 30, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Word on the street is that George Clooney‘s new fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, finally broke the man who would never get married again by playing hard to get, which must have made all of his ex-girlfriends slap their foreheads in regret, thinking about how they all spread wide on the first date. Naturally, the woman who was good enough to make the world’s biggest bachelor finally give up on young models was going to be rewarded with a nice ring, but according to People, George might as well have dug up the center of the fucking Earth to strap to her finger. Amal’s engagement ring diamond is at least 7-carats and set in platinum, which makes it worth approximately every last one of our lives combined. Sure, the value of a ring like that could probably put an end to hunger in the countries that George and Amal fight to raise awareness for, but a guy has to be able to rub this kind of shit in Stacy Keibler’s face at least a little bit.

Photo Credits: People

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