Howe You Doing? Get It, It’s the Howe Twins. Oh, Fuck Off

April 25, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I’m not sure where the Howe Twins have been hiding of late. Perhaps they took the winter off to strategize and restructure their forces for another wave of trying to fuck themselves famous in Hollywood. I guess that seems harsh, but I wouldn’t say it about girls going to dental hygienist school. Everybody has a dream, some deserved to be mocked for theirs. When I was eight, I wrote in our class project that my dream was to ride a motorcycle to the moon. As moronic as that seems now, it still has a higher probability of success than The Howe Twins becoming big in Hollywood. It’s a fool’s errant to try and tit and ass your way to the top. Not that it hasn’t worked for a couple dozen noteworthy exceptions, it just doesn’t work almost all of the time. And, it’s almost completely arbitrary. Until you’re actually in this environment you can’t imagine how many good looking girls are up to the exact same scheme. It’s one thing to be the best forward on your AYSO team in a Lincoln, Nebraska suburb. it’s another to be the lead striker on the the junior champions team in Sao Paulo. The Howe Twins could be sought after Hobbit girls back in their British shire. But you want to try and out hustle a town full of hustlers. Good luck with that, ladies.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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