Jon Hamm Was Once On A Terrible Dating Show (VIDEO)

April 4, 2014 | video | editor | 0 Comments

Jon Hamm might be a huge star who walks around in no underwear with his dick flapping in the breeze, but he’s still really no different than the rest of guys in Hollywood, having done stupid, random work before he made it big. A new clip of Jon at age 25 on a terrible dating game show called The Big Date has emerged, and it’s about as awkward and terrible as you’d expect from a totally shitty and stereotypical dating game show. The biggest disappointment about this clip isn’t Jon’s hilariously bad 90s hair or Marc bragging about his stuntman flexibility like he can suck his own dick, but it’s the fact that Jon didn’t just whip his dick out and walk off with the girl. Dating games shouldn’t be complicated. The three guys should measure, and the two losers should be booed and laughed at for the remaining 21 minutes of the show.

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