Kaley Cuoco In A Bikini In Her Pool

By Lex April 09, 2014 @ 3:32 PM

Kaley Cuoco In A Bikini In Her Pool
Now that Kaley Cuoco has liberated her tits with her heartfelt revelation that they’re not only fake, but they’re the best thing she ever bought herself, she can be free to do all sorts of shit without fear of public judgement. I imagine an immense weight has been lifted off her shoulders, and chest, and probably her vagina, because that is where female emotions are stored during the winter months. So many of these others fake boobed girls have to walk around with a dark secret, like a girl on a Lifetime movie having a baby in her closet, wondering if they’re new tank top is going to give them away. Not Kaley. She can post pictures of two balloons inside her top with LOLs and take bikini pictures on top of floating ducks and it’s all good. Come to Jesus, other girls with fake cans. Set yourself free.

Photo Credit: Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

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