Kendall Jenner’s Ass Went Zip-Lining

By Travis April 04, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

The Kardashians could tell us that their vacation to Thailand was an important bonding trip for the family to get out of the spotlight for a while, or that it was a chance to take their TV show to a new, exotic place that most people will never see in their lifetimes. But you and I both know that it was mostly a chance for them to show off their asses in front a new backdrop, because every woman in this family, including Bruce Jenner, would probably flash a nipple if it meant E! ordering one more episode of their show. And look at how well the recently-legal Kendall Jenner is doing in learning from her big sister Kim Kardashian, who once took it doggystyle from Ray J in front of a camera. Sure, this zip-lining video that she posted on Instagram might look harmless, but it’s one wannabe rapper’s dick away from earning this family a cool 9 figures.

Photo Credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram

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    zuzivumuf 04/04/2014 11:39

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    cykill 04/06/2014 05:13

    In one pic her ass looks like a 45 yr old soccer mom’s and the other only because the straps from zip line are pushing up so called ass.

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    JessBo 04/06/2014 21:55

    She has a great ass, especially when you compare it to Kim’s monstrosity. She’s only a teenager ffs. If any 45-yr-old soccer mum’s that you know have an arse like Kendall’s, ckill, I recommend you asking them if they are married/seeing anyone…?

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