Lindsay Lohan Was Humiliated By Her List Of Sexual Conquests (VIDEO)

By Travis April 18, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Lindsay Lohan’s “docu-series” comes to an end on Sunday with a big two-part series finale, so if you haven’t been watching up to this point, you’re just like the majority of people in America. Apparently the series conclusion has Lindsay making a triumphant return to the public life, which is actually just her introducing Miley Cyrus at a concert, and also preparing for a new role in a thriller, which either refers to her cameo on 2 Broke Girls, which could be described as “thrillingly unwatchable horseshit,” or maybe the movie Inconceivable, for which the plot is being “kept under wraps,” probably because it doesn’t exist.

But the most intense scene of the trailer for the finale has Lindsay crying about how “mean and humiliating” the leak of her sex list was, and I honestly feel bad for her. She probably had no clue it would get her so much attention when she wrote down the names of every famous guy she’s sucked off and then released it to a tabloid. You just can’t trust anyone these days.

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    EWilliams 04/18/2014 16:58

    I am rarely one to defend Lilo, but I do feel bad for her in this case. She wrote down the names as part of the fifth step of her AA 12 step program. That was part of her time at Betty Ford and a very common part of the AA recovery process. Who knows how the list leaked– whether an employee or even a family member swiped it and shared it– but I don’t think she ever wanted it leaked.

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