Mariah Carey’s Breasts Are On A Magazine Cover

April 30, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

It’s very possible that Mariah Carey is some kind of evil sorceress, the way that she seemingly can’t age and somehow manages to be the mystical force that keeps Nick Cannon employed and successful despite the fact that he is horribly untalented. In fact, her love for posting photos that reveal the majority of her breasts is one of the only reasons I even know what Instagram is, and now she’s using that magical power of hers to make us care about something called Wonderland magazine. Mariah is on the cover of the upcoming issue that will be released on Friday, and the way that the publication’s art designer chose to capture her with a simple white background just artistically magnifies how precious and priceless her 45-year old body really is. Now if she could just remove the spell that she cast on Nick to stop sharks from tearing him limb from limb while we all watch, this world could be a truly beautiful place.

Photo Credit: Mariah Carey’s Instagram

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