Miley Cyrus Is Fresh Out of Ideas

By Lex April 11, 2014 @ 5:02 PM

First she teased and then she showed her tits and then she got on a horse and showed her tis and then she got on stage and started fingering her taint and kissed Katy Perry and grinded Robin Thicke out of his marriage. Now Miley Cyrus has run completely out of ideas. She’s Instagramming blurry photos of herself holding her tiny tits. She’s not even drinking her own urine or getting a FUCK YOU tattoo. That won’t do. We need some kind of online suggestion box where people can upload their ideas for ways for Miley to get back into the spotlight. We can blacklist phrases like cunt bomb to keep her feelings from getting hurt. It’s crowd sourcing, it’s the wave of the future. It could keep Miley going until 22.

Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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    Shiss 04/11/2014 19:44

    Ummm….trying heroin…?

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    geekyerin 04/11/2014 21:35

    Do you think you could please spend 20 seconds proof reading your posts?

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    bujawevu 04/11/2014 21:36

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    MacDaddy 04/12/2014 02:08

    I fucked her twice and and once in the ass! True Story!!

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    MacDaddy 04/12/2014 10:05

    i just f*cked her!

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    Admiral 04/14/2014 08:55

    Forget this stringy tart, Abigail Breslin turned 18 tittay, I mean today*

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    Shortshanks 04/15/2014 16:16


    Years ago on this site….

    …DB’sTreasure longed for these days for so long…..I hope he’s happy somewhere now…..

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